Customer happiness is the greatest reward

Frequently Asked Questions


General Information

  • What are my obligations under the WHS Act (2011)?


    Persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must ensure the provision of any information, training, instruction or supervision that is necessary to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety.


    Additionally, workplaces are also required to comply with the Australian Standards, specifically AS 3745 (2010). This standard requires:

    • Relevant training be provided to the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) and facility occupants.
    • Training based on emergency response procedures and in accordance with the Australian Standards Evacuation procedures shall be provided by the employer to protect the Health and Safety of all employees and building occupants in a fire or emergency situation.


    If fire or any safety equipment is fitted within the workplace, the PCBU needs to ensure staff are trained in its correct use.


  • How often do I need a fire drill?


    Fire drills are required by AS 3745-2010 to be conducted in each 12 month period, controlled by the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) and usually following the initial or subsequent refresher Warden Training.


  • Do I need to take my staff through practical fire/evacuation training?


    Yes, there is an immediate and deadly risk of fire to staff and/or visitors within every workplace. The risks may vary due to the age and layout of the building, the alarm and detection/suppression systems fitted and the fire load within the premises.


    Fire can occur at any time and in a matter of seconds. If staff are not appropriately trained injuries and even death may result... that’s how important the training is. The hands-on or practical training is vital to back up theory learnt from training sessions. Fire Drills need to be tested to ensure they actually work


  • What is the relevant Standard?

    Australian Standard 3745 – 2010 (Planning for Emergencies in Facilities) and Workplace Emergency Response.


  • Who can provide Accredited training?


    Only a Registered Training Organisation can deliver nationally recognised and accredited AQF VET qualifications and are recognised as providers of quality-assured and nationally recognised training and qualifications.


  • What is Nationally Recognised Training?


    Evac You Eight delivers units of competency that are nationally recognised and are part of the Public Safety Training Package (PUA12). We provide training to Workplace Emergency Response (WER) standards for business’ and their staff which meets industry and vocational training competency standards, plus legislation and compliance requirements



Customer happiness is the greatest reward
Customer happiness is the greatest reward
Customer happiness is the greatest reward
Customer happiness is the greatest reward
Customer happiness is the greatest reward
Customer happiness is the greatest reward