Fire Safety Solutions

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Emergency Management Plan


We design a site specific EMP for your Facility, which is compliant with the Australian Standard

AS 3745-2010, to assist in preparation for, during and after an emergency.

Annual review is required.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams

These Evacuation Diagrams follow the AS 3745-2010 to provide evacuation egress routes, as well as the location of fire equipments, in case of emergency situation.

Expiry after 5 years unless there are renovations.



Our products are designed to help Childcare Centre create a routine to evacuate the building simply and easily.



Warden Equipment

In an emergency it is essential that the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) can be identified. Colour coded in accordance with AS 3745-2010. We can supply the following equipment for members of the ECO.

- Hard Hats,Hi-vis vests, Caps and Lanyards

Portable Fire Equipment

We can supply and install Portable Fire Equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets in line with  AS 2444-2001.


Emergency Procedure Flip Charts

The Emergency Procedure Flip Charts are an easy and effective method for the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to access important emergency information. Referenced for AS 3745-2010 and AS 4083-2010, the Emergency Procedure Flip Charts can be individually personalised.

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Fire Safety Solutions
Fire Safety Solutions
Fire Safety Solutions
Fire Safety Solutions
Fire Safety Solutions
Fire Safety Solutions