About Us


Evac You 8 commenced operation in 1996 on the Central Coast – providing experience-based Emergency Procedures Training. Evac you 8 has been shaped and developed since 1996, ensuring we are meeting our client’s and industry standards in the public safety sector. Knowledge and experience are our main components to providing high quality products and services to our clients in accordance with the Australian standards and government industry requirements.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to increase the knowledge of fire & emergency safety awareness and help our clients comply with legislative requirements and Australian Standards.

Our focus is to encourage a safer environment and have the necessary plans and processes in place to help with risk minimisation.

Quality Assurance

Evac You 8 is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) registered by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and complies with the VET Quality Framework. We offer training to all nature of businesses throughout Sydney and the New South Wales region. Working closely with Australian Standards, Evac You 8 also designs and develops documents and plans to help each unique facility meet their compliancy and emergency planning needs.

Evac You 8 and State One Fire have also formed strategic alliances with other like-minded training companies, insurance companies, medium to large fire service companies and security companies. This ensures access to the very latest industry, product, and training information.

Evac You 8 has worked with a variety of unique businesses such as, health care facilities & hospitals, councils, high-rise buildings & offices, Aged care facilities, small businesses, clubs, and pubs.


Evac You 8 Trainers have a wide range of military, security, emergency & fire services, and corporate backgrounds. Our trainers contextualize each training session to meet the facilities policies and procedures. This experience enables Evac You 8 Trainers impart to your personnel the most effective and up to date emergency procedures available. All our trainers have their qualifications and unique industry experience to train and assess as per our RTO requirements.

Phillip is the senior training consultant & trainer for Evac You 8 and has over 23 years of experience as a fireman with Fire and Rescue NSW, with 13 of those years as a Station Officer. Phillip also has 17 years training experience working within the Fire and Emergency Training sector and has extensive knowledge in all aspects of Fire and Emergency Procedures. Phillip is passionate about teaching people to understand their workplace emergency procedures and to respond appropriately in all emergency situations.

Phillip O’Sullivan
Senior Training Consultant

Jacqui is an active firefighter with Fire & Rescue NSW, she has been in the job for over 5 years and is currently appointed to the Frenchs Forest station in the Hazmat team. Previous to this, Jacqui was with the Queensland Police Service as a Police Officer and has also recently qualified as a Paramedic. No stranger to emergencies, Jacqui has been exposed to many situations, and as a result, feels that it is important for everyone to be prepared and confident in their training and skills to be safe in the home and at their work.

Jacqui Dovale
Training Consultant

Stephen Thomas is a trainer with over 30 year of teaching at all levels of education. He is qualified at many levels of education training. Particularly, he has been trained in and has worked in the VET sector for almost 20 years. His experience as a communicator/teacher brings further dimension to the training staff of Evac You 8.

Stephen Thomas
Training Consultant

Craig is an Evac You 8 trainer who is engaging and passionate about training for emergency situations. Currently working as a professional firefighter and HAZMAT technician for emergency services over the past 12 years, Craig has seen the difference training and preparation make to the outcomes of an emergency. Promoting a safety-first mindset, Craig's training sessions are known for being engaging, enjoyable and greatly beneficial for all participants (especially those from differing cultural and language backgrounds).

Craig Barratt
Training Consultant