Most frequent questions and answers

General Information

Persons conducting business or undertaking (PCBU) must ensure the provision of any information, training, instruction, or supervision that is necessary to protect all persons from risks to their health and safety.

Additionally, workplaces are also required to comply with the Australian Standards, specifically AS 3745 (2010). This standard requires:

Relevant training be provided annually to the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) and facility occupants.

Training based on emergency response procedures and in accordance with the Australian Standards Evacuation procedures shall be provided by the employer to protect the Health and Safety of all employees and building occupants in a fire or emergency situation.

If fire or any safety equipment is fitted within the workplace, the PCBU needs to ensure staff are trained in its correct use.

Emergency training is required by AS 3745-2010 to be conducted in 12-month periods and is organised by the emergency planning committee (EPC). The EPC or WHS managers are to assess and allocate the ECO roles to appropriate staff and ensure they receive necessary training for their role.

Yes, there is an immediate and deadly risk of fire to staff and/or visitors within every workplace. The risks may vary due to the age and layout of the building, the alarm and detection/suppression systems fitted and the fire load within the premises.

Fire can occur at any time and in a matter of seconds. If staff are not appropriately trained injuries and even death may result. The hands-on or practical training is vital to consolidate theory learnt from training sessions. Emergency plans, fire drills and evacuations need to be tested to ensure they work.

Australian Standard 3745 – 2010 (Planning for Emergencies in Facilities), Australian Standard 4083-2010 (Planning for emergencies – Healthcare facilities) and Workplace Emergency Response.

Nationally recognised training is any program of training that may lead to credentials or vocational qualifications that is recognised Australia wide. These units and qualifications can be studied at a private or public training organisation. 

Evac You 8 delivers units of competency that are nationally recognised and are part of the Public Safety Training Package (PUA12). We provide training to Facility Emergency Response (FER) standards for business’ and their staff which meet industry and vocational training competency standards, as well as legislation and compliance requirements.

Only a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) can deliver nationally recognised and accredited AQF VET qualifications and are known as providers of quality-assured and nationally recognised training and qualifications. You can check if your provider runs nationally recognised training through https://training.gov.au/Home/Tga

Training with Evac You 8

Evac You 8 cares for your life and your safety. We have seen people needlessly injured in fires and other emergencies and will do our very best to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Evac You 8 Trainers have a wide range of military, security, emergency services and corporate backgrounds – having served and trained extensively both in Australia and overseas. This experience enables Evac You 8 Trainers to impart to your personnel the most effective and up to date emergency procedures available.

Evac You 8 offers training either at our Training Facility or at your venue – training room or workplace. Where appropriate, trainees may be taken into the field for use of specialised equipment applicable to the course.

While training, Evac You 8 provides all workbooks and equipment required to complete all aspects.

To this effect, students are trained with standardised workbooks and testing procedures customised by Evac You 8.


Accredited Training times are:

Full day Course (7hrs) – starts at 8:30am for sign in. Finish time is generally 4:00pm. Breaks are spread throughout the day and meals are supplied by Evac You 8 when training is booked at our training facility.

Half Day Course (4hrs) – starts at 8:30am for sign in. Finish time is generally 1:00pm, although this may be earlier depending on the course being offered. A light morning tea is supplied by Evac You 8 on this training day when training is booked at our training facility.


Evac You 8 offers a wide range of Non-Accredited courses that are designed to deal with different types of emergencies. These courses run for shorter periods of time and are often run in conjunction with others. Start and finish times depend on the course chosen and can be booked in between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm.

Evac You 8 sees training as an investment rather than an expense.

Accordingly, we are committed to providing high-standard theoretical and practical training which:

  • Meets statutory requirements regarding quality delivery of Units of Competence.
  • Equips and encourages Trainees to utilise their training in an efficient and practical manner.
  • Provides Clients with value for financial investment.

Trainees are responsible for their own attendance at the specified location, date and times as set down in the course confirmation.  Attendance records are kept for every session and are signed off by the Evac You 8 Trainer.

In order to book in a group, Evac You 8 supplies a quote. Please contact us for more information via:  

  • Submit an enquiry via the Contact Page
  • Phone: 1300 738 133 or (02) 9939 2596
  • Email: contact@evacyoueight.com.au *

* On receipt of your enquiry a staff member will contact you to discuss your needs and organise a quote.

All course materials are provided by Evac You 8 as part of the overall course fee. Each course has its own specific materials that are handed out to participants at the start of the course.

Should a business require a customised course or additional specific material this may be additional to the course fee.

When you attend a course please bring:

  • a pen and paper
  • any completed pre-course information
  • You must wear clothing and closed-in footwear (shoes or boots) appropriate for the training. Persons wearing thongs or open shoes will not be permitted to complete the practical aspect of training.

If completing the training at the Evac You 8 Facility please ensure that you bring in a copy of your drivers license, 18+ card or passport to validate that you are the person attending the training.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), if required, will be supplied by Evac You 8. During practical sessions of training, Trainees are required to wear a high visibility vest provided to them on the day.

Course Specific Information

Evac You 8’s training is specifically designed to ensure that customisation is available for different types of business. If you require specific information or a customised course please inform a staff member at the time of booking.

Customised courses are only available for training carried out at the place of business unless otherwise organised with Evac You 8.

Participation in Evac You 8’s Accredited courses is a maximum of 15 participants per course. This is to ensure that trainers have the full attention of participants and that the course information can be accurately instructed and assessed.

Participation in Evac You 8’s Non-Accredited courses is a maximum of 25 participants per course (unless otherwise specified). This is to ensure that trainers have the full attention of participants and that the course information can be accurately instructed.

All assessments will be conducted by appropriately qualified and experienced assessors.

The focus of assessment is to gather a range of evidence using different methods and to assess, not just knowledge but also practical skills.

Trainees are assessed for competency using specific resources as required by the Units of Competency and our regulating body ASQA.

Trainees will be assessed as Satisfactory (S) or Not Yet Satisfactory (NYS) for the assessment tasks.

A final result of Competent ( C ) or Not Yet Competent ( NYC ) will be awarded after successful completion of the course.

Should a Trainee receive an ‘NYS’ assessment they will be briefed in private as to where they need to concentrate in order to achieve competency and given a second opportunity to undergo assessment.

This opportunity may entail repeating the course at the discretion of the employer, this may be at the trainee’s expense. A Trainee who still cannot demonstrate competency will be counselled and advised of their options. This may mean further training for which a fee may be applicable.

If you are not assessed as satisfactory on the first attempt, you will be given feedback and time to practice the task prior to attempting the assessment again.

If you are not assessed as satisfactory on the first attempt, you will be given feedback and time to review the course material prior to attempting the assessment again.

Assessments may be taken verbally via question and answer interaction if requested.   Please inform the Trainer prior to session commencement if you consider this is the best option for you.

Appeals and complaints can be undertaken by completing the below form and contacting Evac You 8 directly via email or phone.

Evac You 8 or your employer may request that you read through our pre-course information depending on the Accredited Training you attend. Your employer may also request that you are familiar with your facility’s policies and procedures before your training.

Some courses require pre-course reading to be completed. An Evac You 8 staff member will provide more information regarding this at the time of booking.

Trainee details are collected via Course Attendance and Course Registration forms. These are integral parts of the course and therefore it is a requirement that all trainees fill in the information required on these forms correctly. Evac You 8 collects this confidential information for internal use and Government auditing only. This information shall not be released to any other organisation without your prior permission.

Trainee Results – On successful completion of the course, all trainees will receive a Statement of Attainment. These will be posted out to the facility manager or to individual Trainees unless otherwise requested. If required, a Training Report can accompany the Statement for group trainings only.

The assessment results are entered into our database as a long-term record. These records are confidential and remain the property of Evac You 8. All records of training are retained by Evac You 8 for 30 years, as per clause 3.4 of RTO Standards and ASQA requirements.

Those undertaking Accredited training through Evac You 8 are entitled to accessing and receiving a copy of their records at any given time. Should a learner require copies of their records this may be provided by:

  • Making copies of the records
  • Gaining access to the records
  • Receiving a copy of a current Statement of Attainment

To protect your privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections.

Cancellations notified in writing more than 7 working days before the program begins will not result in a fee being charged. Where possible the course will be re- scheduled.

Cancellations advised less than 7 working days prior to course commencement will result in the deposit amount being charged as per the written agreement.

Course fees are non-refundable where clients withdraw or do not attend on the day of training after the agreement has been signed and/or payment has been received.

Should the situation arise where Evac You 8 may be required to defer, postpone or cancel a scheduled course we will always offer an alternate date.

Should the alternate date or dates not be suitable to the Client or Trainees all pre-paid fees / deposit shall be refunded in full.

Evac You 8 requires more than 7 working days of notice prior to the date of training for cancellations. Training cancelled within the 7 days forfeits the deposit amount as per the written agreement.

Yes. The employer should phone the office to inform Evac You 8 of the change and ensure the new trainee has ID (if required) and suitable clothing for the course.

Training and Assessment that is provided by Evac You 8 is Nationally Recognised and therefore qualifications are issued according to the Australian Qualifications Framework.

Evac You 8 only issues statements of attainment that are within its scope of registration and is showing on training.gov.au.

Statements of Attainment for accredited courses are issued by Evac You 8 where participants are found competent in the unit/s and signed by the Chief Executive Officer. This will then be issued to the trainee within 21 business days of completion, providing full payment from the course is received.

Evac You 8 reserves the right to withhold Statements of Attainment and Training Reports until all fees have been paid in full.