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Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation Diagrams are designed in line with the Australian Standards 3745-2010 clause 3.5. They provide important intel on safe egress routes and assembly areas, firefighting means, and systems. They are not only important for compliancy reasons but for maintaining a high level of safety and evacuation awareness within your facility.

Evacuation Diagrams expire after 5 years of the issue date, if your facility undergoes renovations or changes then the diagrams will then become non-compliant and require a review and update.  

Zone Block Plans

Zone Block Plans, also known as alarm block plans, are designed in accordance with your Fire Panel Zone listings and assists with easy identification of the sounding alarm/s. These plans are used by your alarm servicing company to test alarms and the fire brigade and Emergency Control Organisation members (i.e. Wardens) when carrying a search for an emergency. Plans are designed following AS 1670.1-2018.

Emergency Procedure Guides (Flip Charts)

Our Emergency Procedure Guides (Flip Charts) are designed to assist all facilities with responding to emergencies and include guidelines, instructions, and checklists for various emergencies that a facility may face. The Flip Charts are written to either AS 3745 2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities or AS 4083 2010 Planning for emergencies in health care facilities. Emergency Procedure Guides should act as a guide only, however from them you may implement further procedures to suit your facility.

Emergency Management Plan

Emergency management Plans are a compiled document of the facilities emergency information, procedures for various emergencies and records of system checks and training. They are written in line with the facility requirements, Australian standards and WHS regulations. 

Fire Protection Equipment & Testing

Evac You 8 can supply and install Fire protection equipment such as fire extinguishers and fire blankets in line with AS 2444-2001.

ECO/ Warden Identification

In an emergency it is essential that Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) identification equipment is worn, not only for ease of evacuation but for the safety of your staff. At Evac You 8 we supply facilities with a range of products that can be used for ECO identification.

A3/A4 Frames

Help further protect your Evacuation Diagrams or Zone Block Plans whilst maintaining a sleek and professional look with our Snap Lock Frames.

Childcare Evacuation Products

Our childcare products are designed to help Childcare Facilities create a routine to evacuate the building simply and easily.