Childcare Evacuation Products

At Evac You 8 we believe emergency safety procedures and equipment are integral in the safe evacuation of children, especially when they might not understand the severity of a situation. We provide a selection of fire safety training and products designed especially for Childcare Facilities and the safe evacuation of the staff and children.

Personalized Vests and Caps

Not only do we provide ECO identification vest and caps for the staff leading the evacuation, we can also supply personalised vests and caps for the children. These vests and caps allow the Childcare staff to easily monitor and locate the children when in an emergency and allows the children to feel a sense of involvement. We encourage staff and children to participate in role play of emergency scenarios during training to invite children to learn the roles and be a part of the learning experience.

Safety Webs

Safety Webs are designed to help evacuation leaders guide their group of children safely out of an emergency situation.  Safety webs are long ropes with several loops attached them. These loops are for the children to hold onto whilst the evacuation leader holds the front of the rope, guiding the children in a safe and organised manner. Our products come in two variations: 6 loop safety web and 12 loop safety web.

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