Terms & Conditions

Course Numbers and Attendance

The following terms are applicable to all training courses conducted by Evac You 8.

  • Nationally recognised training courses holds a maximum of 15 attendees per Course.
  • Non-accredited courses are generally costed on a maximum 25 attendees, unless otherwise specified on the course brochure & information.

Participant numbers are not to exceed the maximum number unless previously agreed between Evac You 8 and the client prior to the training date.

Quoted cost per Course is inclusive of all training materials, fire extinguishers and fire blankets supplied from our training stock, plus recharge of all extinguishers used.


Quoted cost is for training during normal business hours 0800-1630 Monday to Friday, Public Holidays non inclusive.

A 20% surcharge shall apply to the quoted cost for all training requested outside of Evac You 8’s normal business hours.

Quotation must be signed and returned to the Evac You 8 representative to secure the booking.


Invoices are sent via Evac You 8’s account team within 24 hours of receiving signed quotations.

Payment terms and conditions

Evac you 8’s payment terms are 14 days from date of invoice.

Rescheduling courses
If you wish to reschedule a course, you must provide to us notice withing 5 business days. The client may not reschedule then cancel their booking, if the client cancels after rescheduling then the deposit will be forfeited.

No charges are applicable to clients should the course or training be rescheduled by Evac You 8 due to severe weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances prohibiting Evac You 8 from continuing with training. 

Cancellations & refunds

If the Client cancels a booking after payment of a deposit invoice, the Client is entitled to a full refund of the deposit amount minus the administration fee charge of $50.00 +gst UNLESS:-

  • the training has been cancelled less than 5 business days prior to the date of training, and
  • the training has been moved to another date, as the date originally chosen no longer meets the Client’s needs.

The Client will receive a full refund of any amount received by the Contractor under the following conditions: –

  • Evac-You-8 Enterprises will make a full refund of monies received from the Client for a particular training session if that individual training session has been cancelled or discontinued.
  • Should the Client decide to choose an alternative course, any amount received for the previous course will transfer to the alternative course as chosen by the Client. In the event of a course for which the Client had requested was unavailable or no acceptable alternative course is available, monies received for the previous course are fully refundable.


Clients withdrawing or not attending on the day of training forfeit the right to a refund. Evac You 8 regrets that it cannot accept responsibility for changes to your work commitments or personal circumstances.

Re-issue of accredited Certificates

If you require a re-issue and re-print a Statement of Attainment, a fee of $25+gst will apply. Fees must be paid in full prior to us issuing the document. 


All content is copyright ©EVAC YOU EIGHT ENTERPRISE PTY LTD unless otherwise specified. This includes but is not limited to: All training materials provided to you before, during and after training, all texts, images, graphics, videos, audio, visual presentations and written information. Materials may not be copied, replicated, reproduced, distributed, or shared without prior written consent given.


The Client acknowledges that: –

  • The Contractor hereby agrees to affect a public liability insurance policy for an amount not less than the stated amount of the maximum liability sum ($ 20,000,000.00) under this Agreement in respect of accidents or incidents arising out of, or in the course of, or caused by, the carrying out of this agreement

       and resulting in: –

  1. the death or bodily injury to any person not being a person at the time of the accident engaged by, or

under a contract of service or apprenticeship to, the Contractor; or

  1. ii) damage to property of any kind whatsoever and wheresoever situate.
  • The insurance as mentioned in this section shall be affected before the work is commenced and shall be maintained effective in all respectsuntil the expiration or termination of this contract. If requested by the Client, the Contractor shall furnish to the Client evidence that such insurance as aforesaid has been affected and shall supply particulars thereof and

shall produce the relevant policies of insurance for inspection by the Client. The Contractor shall also furnish to the Client from time to time on request of the Client, evidence that the said insurances remain current and that all premiums in respect thereof have been duly paid to the date of such enquiry. The

Contractor warrants that the insurance particulars are accurate and correct as at the date of this Contract.

  • The Client is responsible for effecting any additional insurance cover above the maximum liability sum, if it desires to affect such additional
  • Public Liability Insurance Details:

Period of Insurance:   13/09/2021 – 13/09/2022

Policy Number:   FPII14623

The Contractor hereby states that the Site Work and Training Fees as mentioned in the Proposal herein are based solely on the value of the services provided and are unrelated to the value of the Client’s property or the property of others located at the Client’s premises.

Updated September 2021