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Emergency Management Plan


At Evac You 8 we want our clients to be fully prepared for any emergency their facility could encounter, therefore we encourage facilities to have an emergency management plan in place. No one can predict an emergency event to unfold and the only way to safely handle unforeseen events is to have a proper plan in place that is matched to your facility.

As per Safe Work Australia it is a legal requirement that every facility have an emergency management plan, and there can be high penalties if these are not in place. Your emergency management plan should provide information on emergency procedures including:


• Plans for an effective response to the emergency, which may include; fire, explosion, medical emergency, rescues, incidents with hazardous chemicals, bomb threats, armed confrontations and natural disasters.

• The facility’s evacuation procedures

• Information regarding the facility’s emergency services and important contacts

• Assistance and treatment for medical emergencies

• Effective communication between designated personnel for coordination of the emergency response team and all personnel within the workplace.

• Frequent testing and training on the emergency procedures and implementation of the procedures


If you feel as though your emergency management plans do not cover the above points or your facility does not have any emergency management plans in place, Evac You 8 is here to set you on the right path to sufficient emergency planning. We also offer training for your staff as per your emergency management plans upon request.


Contact us for free a consultation to review your current Emergency Management plans or to start your emergency planning.


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Fire Safety Solutions
Fire Safety Solutions
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