Non-Accredited Training

These courses are not nationally recognised training, however, still cover minimum training requirements for Australian Standards AS3745 (2010) & AS4083 (2010).

Courses may be combined to achieve multiple skills and cover a wider range of training for staff

Chief Warden

Our Chief Warden course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to prepare, lead and coordinate the facilities emergency response.

Emergency Control Organisation

ECO / Warden Training is specifically designed to train Staff in their roles and responsibilities during and after an emergency.

Fire Extinguisher Training

In-class training focuses on preparing for fire situations, understanding fire hazards, emergency response and personal safety when fighting fires.

Evacuation Principles

Evacuation Principles is designed to train staff in their roles and responsibilities before, during and after an emergency.

Evacuation Exercise

Classed as an emergency response drill, evacuation exercises must be completed by all areas of a facility at least once in each 12 month period as required by AS 3745-2010.

Home Carer Training

Community Care Safety is specially designed to assist Community Care Workers who work within clients homes.

Commercial Kitchen Emergency

Commercial Kitchen Emergency training encompasses the wide variety of emergencies that could occur in kitchens with a focus on oil fire emergencies.

Bomb Threat

This course is designed to train your Staff in how to minimise the threat of a bomb or hazardous substance at the workplace.

Lockdown & Lockout

This course is a Specialised training course that focuses on lockdown and lockout procedures, and in the event of this emergency occuring, how to respond correctly and management of the situation post-emergency.

Aged Care Residential

Residents emergency training is considered a basic course suited for Self-Care / Live-In Residents and covers information relating to Emergencies.